FFSM++  1.1.0
French Forest Sector Model ++
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBaseClassBase class for the regmas application
 CBasicDataBasic data units (struct)
 CCarbonClass responsable to keep the logbook of the Carbon Balance
 CforToProdIO production matrix between the forest resources and the primary products (struct)
 CforTypeForest types (struct)
 CGisClass to manage the spatial dimension
 CIFilesInput files (struct)
 CiiskeyClass to provide a simple integer-integer-string key in std maps
 CiisskeyClass to provide a simple integer-integer-string-string key in std maps
 CInitInit the environment, the objects and the agents of the model
 CInputNodeWrapper around the underlying library for reading DOM elements (nodes)
 CiskeyClass to provide a simple integer-string key to be used in std maps
 CLayersDefine layer objects at the regional level
 CLegendItemsLegend items
 CLLDataLow level data. XML input is reversed here after unzipping oocalc file and parsing content.xml
 CMainProgramMain program scheleton. It control the flow of the program
 CMainWindowMain GUI interface
 CMapBoxWidget to display the maps of various spacial aspects of the model
 CModelCoreSpatialThe core of the model (spatial version)
 CModelDataRegional data, including macros and settings
 COutputOutput methods
 CpathRulePathogen rule (how pathogen presense influence mortality) for a given forest type and diameter class (struct)
 CPixelPixel-level class
 CReclassRulesInitial reclassification rules (dataset filters)
 CreclRuleIO production matrix between the forest resources and the primary products (struct)
 CSchedulerManage the yearly loops
 CThreadManagerThread manager. Responsable to manage the main thread and "speak" with the GUI
 CUnZipPKZip 2.0 file decompression. Compatibility with later versions is not ensured as they may use unsupported compression algorithms. Versions after 2.7 may have an incompatible header format and thus be completely incompatible
 CZipZip file compression