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forType Struct Reference

Forest types (struct) More...

#include <ModelData.h>

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Public Attributes

string forTypeId
string forLabel
int memType
string forLayer
string ereditatedFrom

Detailed Description

Forest types (struct)

Struct containing the list of the forest types managed in the model.

memType Parameter to define if this type is used only in initial data reading, then is reclassed and no more used (1) or if it is generated from the reclass rule and then used in the model (2). New 20150311: (3) means a layer with spatial data of vol and area added respectiely in layers and proportionally to volumes. New 20170313: (2) also means a ft layer with no initial area nor volumes, but that can be choosen by forest managers (e.g. a new cc adapted ft). No need to introduce a new code specifically for that

Definition at line 293 of file ModelData.h.

Member Data Documentation

string ereditatedFrom
string forLabel

Definition at line 295 of file ModelData.h.

Referenced by ModelData::setForestTypes().

string forTypeId

Definition at line 294 of file ModelData.h.

Referenced by Gis::applyForestReclassification(), and ModelData::setForestTypes().

Layers* layer

Definition at line 299 of file ModelData.h.

int memType

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