FFSM++  1.1.0
French Forest Sector Model ++
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1 /*!
3  \mainpage FFSM++ Reference Manual (doxygen-generated)
4  <p>&nbsp;<p>&nbsp;
5  <p>This is the Reference Manual of <a href="http://www.ffsm-project.org">FFSM++</a>.
6  <br>It contains detailed developer information on the C++ version of the model retrieved automatically from the latest version of the
7  source code (updated daily).
8  <br>It includes class description, class members, collaboration and caller graphs, as well as the full source code.
9  <br>Developers can browse the GIT code from its <a href="https://github.com/LEFNancy/ffsm_pp">github web interface</a>.
10  <br>Access to git is restricted as it included some input data for which we do not hold copyright and we can't hence redistribute.
11  <br>If you need access to the source code in a more convenient form (e.g. a zip archive) or to a "cleaned-up" version of the input file
12  please just drop <a href="http://ffsm-project.org/wiki/en/team/home#current_team">us</a> an email.
14 */