French Forest Sector Model (FFSM++)

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière - LEF - Nancy, France

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 {{ :​wiki:​ffsmflowchart.png?​600 |Flowchart of the main components}} {{ :​wiki:​ffsmflowchart.png?​600 |Flowchart of the main components}}
-**<fc #​ff0000>​Our participation at the Networking Webminar of 15.Nov.2017 for the ForestValue proposal: 
-{{ :​en:​laboratory_of_forest_economics_-_forestvalue_networking_webinar_15.11.2017.pdf |slides}} - {{ :​en:​laboratory_of_forest_economics_-_text_of_forestvalue_networking_webinar_15.11.2017.pdf |oral text}}</​fc>​** ​ 
 <WRAP round box center> <WRAP round box center>
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