French Forest Sector Model (FFSM++)

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière - LEF - Nancy, France

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-====== Download FFSM++ ====== 
-You can choose between several version of FFSM++. The "​Stable Version"​ in SourceForge has been manually picked up and it should at least compile. It's the recommended way to try FFSM++.\\ 
-The latest version is an automatic snapshot derived directly from git but it may occasionally be in a development status where it doesn'​t even compile.\\ 
-The pre-compiled windows versions on the other hand are not recommended,​ even if they represent the easiest way to install FFSM++ on a Windows environment (just click the setup.exe file), as they are usually __very__ old (we don't use Windows to develop FFSM++, but time to time we create windows compiled versions. If you need a windows version of FFSM++ and you can't compile it by yourself, just ask us and we will be glad to make a new Windows built). 
-**Stable versions** 
-  * Download from [[https://​​projects/​ffsm-project/​files/​src/​|SourceForge]] (source only) 
-  * [[http://​​download/​src/​ffsm_pp_src_dailySnapshots_latest.tgz| Daily snapshot of the source-code]] 
-**Windows compiled**\\ 
-//(note: these files are ready to be used but they could also be VERY old !)// 
-  * {{:​en:​download:​ffsm_pp_1.0.0_setup.exe|}} 
-  * {{:​en:​download:​ffsm_pp_0.9.5_setup.exe|}} 
-  * {{:​en:​download:​ffsm_pp_0.9.0_setup.exe|}} 
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