French Forest Sector Model (FFSM++)

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière - LEF - Nancy, France

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en:dev:development [2020/06/18 12:18]
Antonello Lobianco Updated for Ubuntu 20.04 Some stuff as lib symlink 32/64 bits seems no longer needed
en:dev:development [2020/07/30 16:32] (current)
Antonello Lobianco [ADOL-C] Reinserted the lib64 trick as it seems it is indeed needed
Line 31: Line 31:
   * Needed ColPack >= 1.0.8   * Needed ColPack >= 1.0.8
   * Type:<code bash>   * Type:<code bash>
 +sudo apt-get install libtool
 git clone  # Download ColPack git clone  # Download ColPack
 cd ColPack                                       # ColPack Root Directory cd ColPack                                       # ColPack Root Directory
Line 48: Line 49:
 make make
 sudo make install sudo make install
 +  * On 64 bits Linux, symlink all libadoc.* libraries from /usr/lib64 to /usr/lib:<code bash>
 +cd /usr/lib
 +sudo ln -s ../lib64/ . 
 +sudo ln -s ../lib64/ .
 +sudo ln -s ../lib64/ .
 +sudo ln -s ../lib64/ .
 </code> </code>
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